Here’s a little script to install the latest Songbird (which, right
now, is version 0.2.5, so don’t expect much) on Ubuntu. If 0.2.5 is no
longer the latest version, please let me know in this thread.

Installing Songbird
Step 1: Download this script to your desktop.

Step 2: Paste these commands in the terminal:

cd ~/Desktop
chmod +x installsongbird.sh

That’s it. Keep in mind that the launcher for Songbird will be the word Songbird with a capital S.

Removing Songbird
If you wish to remove Songbird, download this script to your desktop and paste these commands in the terminal:

cd ~/Desktop
chmod +x removesongbird.sh

此方法安装的Songbird是0.25版本,Songbird升级有意思:从0.2升到0.3,在升到0.4,估计还能到0.5 然后0.6 哈哈,第一次见这么搞笑的升级方法,一步一步的,真稳当!